Garage Door Cable Services

Garage Door Cables

To find the correct cable you need to know the weight of the door and the type of spring system used. The weight of the door will determine how thick of a cable you need and the spring system will determine the length of the cable.

Broken or Damaged Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables can deteriorate from wear. Deterioration will cause the garage door cables to break. A professional can help identify any underlying problems.

Cables move every time the garage door opens and closes causing wear. There may be other factors that wear the cable down faster.

Inspect the condition of your garage door system annually for signs of corrosion, rust, fraying, or excessive wear. These can be symptoms of existing or future problems with your door system.

Professionals Can Diagnose the Extent of Damage

Garage door cables should be replaced by professionals, although some cable replacements are straightforward others may require more attention. Our certified technicians can quickly replace your garage door cables and identify any additional system failures and solutions.

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