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Motor Warranty
Battery Warranty
Series: Elite
Description: Smart garage door opener with hands free and video capability. Battery backup allows you to open/close your door even when the power is out.
Series: Elite
Description: Corner to Corner Lighting - With long-lasting LEDS delivers 3,100 lumens of daylight-like lighting to the entire garage space.
Series: Elite
Description: 3/4 hp AC Moter Chain Drive System - Provides maximum power to lift the heaviest doors.
Series: Elite
Description: DC Motor - Is purposefully designed for quiet, long-lasting service.
Series: Elite
Force: 12V
Description: Wall-Mount Design and Quiet DC Motor - eliminate noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provide smooth operation.
Series: Premium
Force: 800 Newtons
Description: Integrated Battery Backup - Ensures garage access even when the power is out.
Series: Contractor
Description: The Protector System® invisible light beam auto-reverses the door if there is an obstruction.