841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock


Black automatic garage door lock from LiftMaster


It's Sound Security For Your Biggest Door.

The Automatic Garage Door Lock works with select new LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers to secure your garage door automatically every time it closes. For complete security that you can hear.



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  • Absolute Protection - A deadbolt lock makes your garage door virtually impenetrable.
  • Audible Security - The sound of the lock engaging lets you know that you’re protected.
  • Automatic Operation - Performs in tandem with the opener, so it always locks and unlocks.
  • Anywhere Assurance - Smartphone monitoring with the MyQ® App means you always know that the garage is secure.


Compatible with LiftMaster Autolock Capable openers 8550WAL, 8587WAL and 8360WAL